Age of war 2

age of war 2

Age of War 2 review

The goal of Age of War 2 would be just like that of Age of War; you continue ruining opponents’ foundation and protecting yours. You attain these assignments by constructing different turrets to stop hiring and opponents units to attack the competitions\’ base. 1 significant element in this sport is developing. When you evolve, you’ve got more new units in addition to defense tools and be more powerful. Primarily, after taking a look at the numbers of every turret and choosing to pick one up, you choose a free place to place it on your tower. The largest number of tower places is 4. Second, picking units are among the most crucial things in this type of game. There’s a concise description of each unit. A number of them are becoming secure.

About the gameplayaow2

Specials area lets you trigger an assault or evolve. Both of intriguing effects need XP points that you get out of fights. Special strikes have both benefits and disadvantages. In the event you use a lot of unique attacks, the practice of development is going to be postponed and much more potent competitor units seem. At length, updates make units more powerful and these updates also need money also. Should you invest some time seeing, you may realize that every kind of device is against nicely with a specific unit. Additional you shouldn’t use a lot of special attacks because they make you hard to evolve in addition to lose the match. Age of War 2 is a mix of strategy and defense, therefore there are lots of intriguing things waiting for one to find.



Age Of War 2